FTTH Fiber Optic Splice Tray

FTTH Fiber Optic Splice Tray is designed to provide a place to store the fiber cables and splices and prevent them from becoming damaged or being misplaced. It is also called a splice enclosure or splice organizer. This device does not contain any technical functions, and the design is simple. Also, Fiber Optic Tray has a very low price for people to afford. However, the importance of fiber splice tray for protecting fibers is significant. And the skills needed for using a fiber splice tray is not as simple as you think.

Made by industrial high-quality ABS plastic, Fiber Optic Cable Tray is provided to place the fiber splice points and pre-terminated for fiber connectivity. The splice tray expands fiber splice capabilities as well as provides the splicing location for fiber optic cables. It can be put into the fiber distribution frame, fiber splice closure, optic terminal box, etc. Sijee offers different shapes of fiber splice tray with or without termination function. Fiber Optic Tray, Fusion Splice Box, Fiber Optic Cable Tray, Splice Tray Optic Fiber are available.


Fiber splice trays are usually placed in the middle of a route where cables are required to be joined or at the termination and patch panel points at the end of the cable runs. Also, splices can be placed in a splice tray which is then placed inside a splice closure for OSP (outside plant) installations or a patch panel box for premises applications. As for indoor application, fiber splice trays are often integrated into patch panels to provide for connections to the fibers.

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